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To make a good garment, from yarn quality to garments shipment, there are six steps where quality is 100% assured by our highly qualified personnel.

  • When yarn comes in house Naps, Dead yarns, Hairiness are checked.
  • Grey GSM is controlled by stretch length checking to get finishing GSM ok.
  • After knit Grey fabrics, different types of faults, such as hole, loop, needle mark, sinker mark, foreign fiber,oil mark, oil spot, black spot, thick& thin, star, tension mark, set-up are checked to ensure quality full garments.
  • Grey GSM is controlled by stretch length checking to get finishing GSM ok.
  • Dyes and Chemicals are checked in lab before using.
  • In dyeing process, PH value and Residual per-oxide, Color consistency are checked to maintain better quality.
  • After Dyeing complete, Fabric dia, shade, GSM are checked.
  • Fabric shrinkage, twisting, color fastness, rubbing, unevenness, skewing are checked.
  • Berry mark, Yarn contamination, Slab, Naps, Hole, Needle Line, Miss yarn, Oil Stain, Lycra Missing, Crease Mark,Softener Stain, Dye Stain, Chemical Stain, Uneven Shade, Bowing are checking based on 4 – point system.
  • Cut-pieces checking ( such as any hole, grain line bias, up-down measurement than pattern ).
  • Print/Embroidery parts checking ( print quality, color bleeding, color shading, print/embroidery measurement, color durability after wash, print/embroidery/stone position, stone get-up after wash, hole at print/embroidery parts) and ensure no faults such as.
  • Before starting sewing job, at sewing floor quality persons ensure all pieces are free of all types print / embroidery/ attachments problem again and give permission to sew.
  • In each line, there engaged 1 line in charge, 2 supervisors, 2 QCs, always look after any type of faults/mismatch comes on sewing part during sewing.
  • At critical process ( such as collar, placket, panel, zipper, button, other attachments) 1 QC is permanently engaged to ensure 100% quality at attachment.
  • At output table there are 2 QCs who find out any defects ( such as sewing rejection, sewing fault, fabric fault, hole) that comes on sewing completed garments.
  • After iron complete, finishing QCs check body measurement, oil spot, dirty spot, garments appearance/get-up.
  • After poly complete, QCs finally check get-up of garments within poly and after carton complete these are ready to do final inspection by Buyer.

We have a well-equipped laboratory in our Textile & Garments unit for meeting the buyer requirements quickly. All laboratory and quality control equipments are from U.K & U.S.A.

SL. Type of Machine Brand Origin No. of M/C
1 Color Matching cabinet Verivide UK 01 Pc
2 Bursting Strength Tester Tru Buster UK 01 Pc
3 Pilling & Snagging Tester Orbitor UK 01 Pc